What Former Clients Say

"We truly enjoyed your class and are so glad we chose it. We really appreciated all the encouragement and good advice and ideas we got from you and the other couples. It was a great experience, and I left feeling really excited about the remaining weeks of pregnancy and about labor and delivery. Thanks for making us feel so comfortable and providing such a great opportunity to learn and reflect."
-Sarah W. (commenting on the weekend intensive class)

"Susan, I just wanted to thank you for 8 wonderful classes and for sharing your knowledge, wit and humor with us. Fernando and I left feeling enriched and reassured, even though one never knows what is in store for one, but then again, that applies to everything in life. I'm just glad to be able to approach the birth experience with knowledge, confidence and preparation. What I learned from everyone's anecdotes is that every birth varies and never turns out exactly as one expects. So my attitude shall be to surrender to the experience with acceptance of what may come our way--keeping our expectations flexible and working positively with what arises. I hope we will be able to meet this tremendous, life-transforming challenge with peace of mind. And if we are able to do so, it will be in great part, thanks to you."
-Marina Skipsey

“Susan is an excellent resource and support for any expectant parent looking to prepare themselves on the different aspects and options of the birthing process. My husband and I took the weekend intensive class and felt incredibly empowered by the information that she shared with us. The small class size allowed for group discussion which we greatly benefited from. It was reassuring to talk through some of the hopes and concerns that we all shared about birth. By the time the weekend was over, Susan had presented us with the tools and skills to manage through those feelings. During my labor I used many of the pain coping mechanisms that I learned through her Birthworks class. As a result, I was focused and able to have the drug-free birth that I wanted and my husband knew what to expect and had the confidence to be the best support for me.  We're grateful to Susan for contributing to our wonderful experience!"
-Daniela S.

"I just wanted to let you know that my husband (he was the volunteer for the "typical hospital birth" demonstration) has become a complete convert to natural birth since your class! Not that he was ever opposed to it per se, but I don't think he had a real sense of how pathologized most births are today and what the alternatives are."

"I wanted to thank you for a great weekend intensive class. I found it highly informative, fast-paced, and it hit the highlights. I see now how you can spend much more time in each area, but this gives Abby and I lots of conversation fodder, and some context for more in depth reading. We'll let you know how it turns out!"
-Jeremy Joseph

"I had lots of fears about my pregnancy, and Susan's class was exactly what I needed to face those fears and build confidence in my body's ability to give birth. The class provided me with a network of supportive parents-to-be in a non-judgmental environment where we learned everything that we needed to know about childbirth.  After Susan's class I felt prepared--mentally, physically and emotionally--for my daughter's birth.  I am happy to say that I had a wonderful, natural childbirth experience."
-Angie M.

"Before we got pregnant, I never imagined I would give birth without medication and without fear. Susan's Birth Works class made it possible! Her class opened my eyes to the spectrum of birthing options and possibilities. She challenged me to think about and discuss my hopes and fears about giving birth and motivated me to develop the skills I could tap into to move calmly and confidently through labor with minimal medical intervention. With the help of Susan's class, the birth of our son was a wonderfully peaceful experience that we will always treasure."
-Lisa Alfonso-Frank

"This class gave us all the information we needed, helping us to understand what choices we had and allowing us to come to our own conclusions. But beyond that, it also provided us with a safe space to explore our feelings about giving birth and becoming parents, preparing us psychologically for what was to come. Susan is a great facilitator who creates a joyful, friendly atmosphere. Our group really bonded and each session was highly enjoyable. I recommend this class to all future parents, whether they choose a home, hospital or birthing center delivery."
-Carole Frampton

"I have been recommending this class to all of my friends. Susan has wonderful energy and I felt very comfortable asking any and all of my questions. I liked the Birthworks approach because it was progressive while still being open to people's individual choices."
-Stephanie Olson

"One of the best things that I took away from your class, and which helped me through a carefully monitored pregnancy with many doctor visits and tests, was that a pregnant woman is a healthy person, and she enters the hospital to deliver, it is not as a sick person, but as a healthy woman. That idea gave me strength."
-Laura Williams

"Susan Messina's Birthworks Class was terrific. Susan provided a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere in which to discuss the fears, concerns, and expectations of the birth process. Each week she provided material about specific topics, sharing with us the latest research as well as contemporary trends and attitudes about all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. Susan also allowed every member of the class to voice her (and his) concerns, opinions, and feelings about whatever we were discussing. It was great to hear from other women and their partners. The discussions helped me to articulate my particular worries, and the class helped me figure out what I wanted in terms of my daughter's birth. It made me feel prepared and, as a result, not so frightened. The members of the class developed a great feeling of cameraderie by theend. It was really a lot of fun. I can honestly say I looked forward to it every week. I recommend this class for any woman who wants to be an active participant in the birth of her baby."
-Emily Landau

"I felt very empowered by what I learned in our classes. Each class was so relaxed, and so much fun. Thanks for giving me the knowledge and confidence to believe in myself and my ability to birth my twins! We were really worried about attending childbirth classes - concerned that we were going to feel uncomfortable. Your class provided a more intimate setting which allowed for us to be ourselves and to have our "real" questions about childbirth to be asked and discussed. Even though our birth didn't go exactly as planned, everything we had learned in our Birth Works class ensured we still felt very positive about our experience. We were truly prepared for the eventualities we encountered and were very much involved in the decisions leading up to and during our birth. At no point did we feel someone else was in control - which was one our our greatest fears."
-Libby and Sherry Martin-Long