Finding a Doula


I highly recommend hiring a doula to assist with your birth, particularly if you are giving birth in a hospital. Doulas provide emotional, physical, and educational support to women in labor and (in the case of postpartum doulas) after birth. Research indicates that women who are cared for by a doula have shorter, less painful births.

Please note, the fact that some doulas have longer descriptions here is simply an artifact of what information I had available.

To find a doula, you can check out the websites of these national organizations which accredite doulas, including Doulas of North American (DONA) and Childbirth and Postpartum Assocation of America (CAPPA).

*Check out this helpful List of Questions to Ask a Doula

My Doula Referral List (last updated: November, 2016)

Note: Hiring a doula is a highly individual and very important choice. I have not been doula'd by any of these women, so I can't make a personal recommendation. All these doulas have been in contact with me via the informal doula-childbirth educator network in the DC area or were referred by other clients. You should contact them all, see about their availability, and interview them to see if you are a good fit. Please feel free to use my name when you contact them.

Andrea Archer. 202-340-2600; Website: . Andrea is  doula and also a childbirth educator. 

Bridget Ballenger, BB Birth Services, Bradley Natural Childbirth Instructor, Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. Located in Fairfax, Virginia and serving the Northern Virginia area.

Amy Bookwalter. 703-597-4742. Website: (use the contact form on her website to reach her.) Amy is a DONA-certified labor doula, LCCE, and PTA. She is a mother of 9, a former Physical Therapist Assistant, Trained as a Bradley Method childbirth instructor and is currently certified through Lamaze. Amy has been assisting moms with their pregnancy's and births since 1987. She also teaches childbirth education classes.

Claudia Booker: 202.236.1764 or Website: Claudia is DONA certified labor doula, ICTC birth and post partum doulaand also a midwife birth assistant at the Birth Care (Virginia) and with various home birth midwives in the Washington DC metro area.

Nicole Bruno: Sacred Journey Birth Services.  Phone number is 301-893-4491 or Her website is

By Your Side Birth Services, LLC: A group of DONA-certified birth doulas serving the Washington, DC metro area. Phone number is (301) 725-3662 and their website is

Rachel Frier Carbonneau, Director, FAMILY WAYS: or 301-412-2976.

Elena Caraballo: 703-731-7381 or Website:

Brittany Coffman:, 443-280-3177,

Lori Cooper: She is DONA certified.

Jenny Corbett, CD(DONA) is with Silver Spring Doula and can be reached at or 202-468-772. She also does placenta encapsulation (see

Brigette Courtot: or 202-360-1990. Brigette took my class as part of her DONA certification process and is a volunteer doula with the DC Family Health and Birth Center.  She is currently a doula-in-training and will attend births for a low fee.

Cara Crowe: 904-401-0495, 150+ births, 15 years experience, DONA Certified

Stephanie Beauvais Dennig: 603-490-6901; Stephanie took my class as part of her DONA certification process.

DC Birth Doulas (Amy Ard, Sara Baum, Sarah Paksima, Mary Wheatley):, 301-338-8143, (NOTE: not serving clients who live in or give birth in VA)
District Doulas. (Candice Jones, Ryann Morales, & Camilla Yrure). Combined, District Doulas has supported hundreds of laboring mothers. Services include a monthly childbirth workshop, a prenatal visit, labor support, and a post-partum visit. Contact or 202-503-9522. Learn more at

Doulas of Northern, (571) 318-9228,

Amy Young Durham: 703-828-5789  or  Amy serves NoVa and DC and has supported homebirths.

Janna Ecklund: 301-379-0506 or Low-cost doula while being certified through DONA.

Tracy Eleazer: 571-970-7623, Tracy, a mother of 5, is a birth doula-in-training. She gave birth to her fifth child at home in the water, with a midwife assisting. Tracy attended my childbirth education class as part of her DONA certification.

Pam Ferinde: 301-367-5887; Website: Pam is a nurse, a mother, a grandmother and does postpartum work.

Safe Haven Doulas (Kristen Collins and Tia Moses). Tia Moses  443-528-8206     |     Kristen Collins 443-610-5092

Stephanie Firestone: 301-580-0982

Christine Fontaine,, 703-618-9299

Jennifer Goldsmith: 317-626-7902; DONA-trained Postpartum Doula offering daytime and overnight assistance. Fluent in French. (note, Jennifer is not a labor doula, but a postpartum doula.)
Dina Hardin: or 301-588-5099. Dina also teaches childbirth education classes.

Allison Harris: NCTMB,LMT: or 240-631-8868 or Website:  Contact Allison for more information.

Deborah Harvey: 703 861 1890 or Contact Deborah for more information.

Johns Hopkins Nursing School program for Birth Companions, which provides student doulas for free. 410-614-6458 .

Dale Carol Kaplan, 410-608-7009

Marina Kessenich:;

Tabitha Kaza:, 571-335-6556.

Emma Keeton: Emma has been a doula in the DC metro since 2006 and is DONA certified.

Kimberly Lawton:, 910-988-2526,

Tara Lussier: or

Sian MacAdam 202-486-5164 Sian is pursuing doula certification through DONA.

Christi Malonis: 571-333-2110; cell 703-728-3989; Christi is studying full-time to become a midwife, so she rarely takes clients, but sometimes does so it's worth trying her.

Laura Marks: 301-467-8725; Laura is a doula and also teaches HypnoBirthing classes (she is a hypnotherapist.) She also offers placenta encapsulation services, as well as pre natal at post partum massage in client's homes.

Tammi McKinley, CPM, Northern Virginia Midwifery. 571-318-6136. Originally trained as a Birth Works doula. She works as a midwife supporting home birth, but she also works as a doula for hospital and birth center births.

Ashley Medley, CD came to doula work from a public health research and advocacy background. Trained in VBAC support, Aromatherapy, Pregnancy after loss, TENS units, experienced in baby positioning/alignment. Passionate about emotional health and support throughout pregnancy. Find and contact Ashley with and

Mother and baby Matters, Reston, VA: 12001 Market Street, Suite 301, Reston, VA 20190-6207, 703-787-4007.

Elizabeth Oldham CD(DONA), HCHD, HBCE, 2693.

Lori Pendergast 703-779-2945

Andrea Proper: 571-921-0771.

Therese Greenhow Robinson:, 202-271-8143. took my class for her certification.

Alex Russell:, 860-402-8805 .

Cathy Sachs:

Cameo Sherman:, 443-424-7847. 

Sarah Sragg: 301-681-6436; She is very experienced and works often with the high-risk practice at Georgetown.

Heidi Streufert: 301-624-2439 or Heidi is a labor doula and has VBAC experience. Contact her for more information.

Ursula Sabia Sukinik: 301-231-5122 or doula question.  Ursula is a doula and also a childbirth educator. She works with

Ashlee Tucker-Palmer is a postpartum doula 703-239-4507 or Website:

Tara Voigt:  An ALACE trained doula. Website is:

Aynabat Yaylymova is using her doula training, research-based knowledge, and understanding of issues relating to pregnancy and birthing  to help women and their partners in the DC area have a safe and satisfying birth experience. Aynabat took Susan's classes as part of her doula certification. Please contact her at

Camilla Yrure: Camilla is an experienced certified doula to the DC area and is also a midwife, 703-209-2869