About Me


NOTE: I am retiring after 15 years of teaching. My last class will be March 31-April 1, 2017.In some special cases I might teach privately; feel free to email me at s.messina03@gmail.com.

I enjoy helping people cope with life transitions, including birth. I have been teaching childbirth education since 2002 and have helped hundreds and hundreds of people prepare for labor, delivery, and early parenthood. I love being part of the journey to parenthood.

In November 2000, I delivered my daughter at a freestanding birth center in a wonderfully short (5 hours total), easy labor and delivery. By the time my daughter was four months old, I was embarked on the road to Birth Works certification, which involves attending an intensive workshop for educators, reading and reviewing 10 books, writing 7 papers, visiting two hospitals, and completing a variety of other written work. I have attended 2 hospital births as a friend/companion and taken doula training, but do not work as a doula. (I like my sleep too much!)

I hold three master's degrees (social work, law & social policy, and library & information science). I currently work as a fundraiser for a local Washington, DC-area aging services provider. My wife, Maryann, and I are raising our daughter with her two dads. I have lived, worked, and volunteered in the DC area since 1990.

I want birthing women to feel empowered to have natural childbirth. I also want them to be prepared for the various challenges that labor and delivery can bring.